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Calm the fire- Dabro Remix

The new song " Calm the fire " by Giulia Fly feat. Dabro.

With her new song "Calm the Fire - Dabro Remix" Giulia creates the perfect combination of summer Latin rhythms, sexiness and exciting club sounds. The perfect summer hit for late summer nights! 

With this song the singer tells the story of a hot, passionate relationship.

Interview Spitalradio Luz

Interview Spitalradio LuzGiulia Fly
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Made in Switzerland - Giulia Fly im Spitalradio Luz.

11. September 2019 - Zu Gast im Studio des Spitalradios Luz. 

In ihrem ersten Radiointerview erzählt Giulia Fly über ihre Musik, ihre Persönlichkeit und ihr Leben abseits des Rampenlichts. 

Du hast noch nicht genug von Giulia und willst mehr über ihren Lifestyle und ihren Weg zur Musik erfahren? Höre Dir exklusiv das Radiointerview mit Marco Hutschenreuther und Giulia Fly hier an.




Giulia Fly


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" I tell an emotional story in each song I sing. It is my own story and the story of the listener's".

Giulia Fly


Giulia Fly was born in 1985 in the southern part of Russia, in the Caucasus. The Caucasus and its women are known for their strength, freedom and beauty. 


Her love and passion for music led Giulia Fly to Rostov-on-Don, a metropolis of millions in the European part of Russia. Her enthusiasm for music have been captivating audiences since she was very young.

In 2009 Giulia moved to Switzerland and took lessons with the singer Jeffrey Byers and the soprano Leila Elmer, who made her aware of the subtleties of singing and the incredible power of her voice. 


Giulia Fly is currently working on her own album, the first songs were created together with a well-known Swiss producer in the Swiss Power Play Studio. The latest songs are written and composed by Giulia herself, refining her own style and expressing her emotions and thoughts in a very personal way.